Lucy Dyson is a Berlin-based Australian artist, animator and award-winning music-video director.  Since graduating from RMIT (B.A hons Media Arts), she has produced and directed music videos for artists including: Gotye, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Still Corners (Sub Pop Records), Gemma Ray (Bronze Rat Records UK), Kate Miller-Heidke (Sony), The Drones, Lanu – featuring Megan Washington (Tru Thoughts UK), Sarah Blasko (Dew Process/UMA), Paul Kelly, Wagons (Spunk! Records), Dan Kelly, Teeth & Tongue (Remote Control Records), Ned Collette (Remote Control / Fire Records), Man Without Country (Cooperative Music), Augie March (Sony), Saskwatch (Northside Records), and more.

Her work has screened at the Melbourne and Sydney International Film Festivals, The National Film & Sound Archive, The Australian Center for the Moving Image and at various arts and film festivals in Australia and overseas. In 2008 Lucy received a British Council Realise Your Dream award.

From 2008 to 2012 Lucy was represented as an artist by Jenny Port Gallery. In 2010 her work was curated as part of The National Gallery of Victoria’s Stick it! Collage in Australian Art exhibition featuring collages made in the past seventy years by prominent Australian artists, including Sidney Nolan. In 2008 she exhibited in  The Contemporary Collage: Australian Collage and Assemblage at John Buckley Gallery.

Here’s what some people have to say about Lucy’s work:

Amiel Courtin-Wilson – Filmmaker and director
Aside from her beautifully wry sense of bittersweet narrative, what I have always admired about Lucy’s animations is how staunch she is in retaining her works’ idiosyncrasies- thereby transcending the majority of her peers by evoking deep emotional responses in her audiences through the personal and organic- something fundamental to her aesthetic and practice.

Absolutely driven, her prolific output is a testament to her amazing resourcefulness as well as her innate instinct and ability to marry image and music with delicacy and flair.

Paul KellySinger songwriter
I have long been an admirer of Lucy Dyson’s playful, witty and beautifully made art, both in physical and digital form. I was fortunate enough to work with her in 2005 on the film clip for Pussy Got Your Tongue, a song from The Stardust 5 album. She came up with the concept and realized it beyond my expectations. I have made around forty videos and this is very close to my favourite.

Wally de BakerGotye
I loved Lucy’s work for other Australian artists that I had seen before approaching her to collaborate. In the end, the clip she realised represents her vision almost entirely, because when she pitched the concept, reference materials and example material to me, it was so awesome I had nothing to say except “Thank you! When will you finish it?”. Her work is beautifully detailed, unique and off-beat.

Martin Kennedy All India Radio
I first met Lucy mid 2007 when I asked her to produce a video for my band’s song “Persist”. I was excited by Lucy’s bold and daring story idea for “Persist” which tackled the topic of animal cruelty through the story of Topsy the circus elephant – not what would immediately come to mind for a pop video! But the idea seemed to fit the tone and style of the music perfectly and the finished product is a visually stunning piece of storytelling that packs a very powerful emotional punch.

In the band’s view, the video has been very successful not only from an artistic point of view, but has also proved to be a very useful marketing tool, particularly in the USA where it was at the forefront of the promotional campaign for our album “Fall”. It was featured on the MTV World channel and significantly, was chosen by US animal rights organisation Born Free and their international partners as the central focus for a campaign against circus animal cruelty. The video was chosen both for the powerful story it tells and for its unique animation style that is accessible across many different age groups.

On a business level, Lucy consulted with the band at every stage of production and the video was delivered on time and on budget. It couldn’t have been a smoother project to be involved in.

Lucy’s storytelling and animation style is unique and utterly compelling. I am very glad to have had the opportunity to work with her.