The Pictures Film Club, last ever.

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After two and a half years, tonight is the last ever monthly Pictures Film Club night at Bardens in Dalston. Oh, say it ain’t so.

I’ve enjoyed several Pictures nights over the past two years I’ve lived in London. It has been an a great night to screen work at, and an even better night to watch (while enjoying Turkish food and beer) excellent rarely-screened films at, such as David Lynch’s ‘ON THE AIR’ series pilot (in taped off the telly in the 90svision. The series only made it to 7 episodes, 3 of which aired in the US.) and tonight’s screening of Adam Curtis’ psych history collage…IT FELT LIKE A KISS.

Here is the intro to It Felt Like A  Kiss:

Unfamiliar Skirts will also be screening tonight. I’d like to thank Garry for putting on The Pictures, and for devising Arnold Schwarzenegger bingo. I’m looking forward to tonight, I leave London in ten days to live in Berlin, so I’m really glad I can make it to the last ever Pictures.

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