August Update Au Go Go

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My new music video “Cuckoo“, for London band Still Corners had a preview screening at Upset The Rhythm’s YES WAY festival, last weekend. If you attended, maybe you caught it on the big screen between bands as part of The Pictures pop-up cinema. The music video will be officially released through Sub Pop soon. We filmed it last May in London, right before I moved to Berlin.

Speaking of The Pictures, I was interviewed for their latest zine. You can download The Pictures #5 PDF here, or buy it in real-zine form in London, or take a squiz at my interview below (click on the pages to make them readable):


In other news, the Fall video Joseph Jensen and I made for Lanu has been featured on Promo News:

and White Screen (Japan):

And our Beautiful Trash video (for Lanu, again) received a nice little write-up on Zooey Deschanel & co’s Hello Giggles website:

A couple of my older animated music videos (Explain – Sarah Blasko, and Thanks For Your Time – Gotye) were recently featured on Radar Music Video – The Home of Independent Music Video.

So great to see all the music-videos well received.

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