Untitled (New Year)

©LucyDyson_UntitledNewYear_ 2013
Untitled (New Year), 2013. Paper collage, 20.5 x 24 cm

Since I last posted I have made so many new pieces, this is one of them. It could be read as my vision for 2014 (which according to my mum suggests I might be planning on moving somewhere warmer, like Australia! Her hopes for 2014!). Maybe in the new year I will start posting more regularly, a new collage  (or work in progress) each day (ha, I post here on average once every 2 months), or at least each week. I have a few album art commissions and a second  music video for a kid’s song on the go (the first one I finished a couple of months ago, so it should be released sometime soon, along with the art I made for the album both songs feature on).

Happy new year, it sounds like a war zone out in Kreuzberg tonight, I will join in with my own pack of fireworks later!

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