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Here is some art I’ve been making in Berlin in between projects this year. I’ve actually been meaning to post most of this work for a while, but animating (and painting) has been taking up all my waking hours, and most of my nights. The animation I am currently working on requires a lot of fast painted scenes (of very simple and fun things to paint, like patterns and splotches), most of which end up getting torn to shreds. It has been good to not feel precious about the work, maybe I should do a post on the paintings before they are all destroyed…

Anyway, all these collages have been similarly made the old fashioned way: cut and paste, no Photoshop, just found images (mostly from second hand books and magazines I collect, and kind people give me), glue, a scalpel knife and the odd piece of double-sided tape. For anyone who is interested, the originals will be for sale at some point, I’ll probably continue working towards an exhibition first though.


Paper collage
26.7 x 20.5 cm


Paper collage
26.5 x 18.5 cm


Paper collage
27 x 22 cm


Paper collage
22.8 x 16 cm


Paper collage
18 x 23 cm


Paper collage
27.5 x 21 cm


Paper collage
25 x 17 cm


Paper collage
18 x 13.5 cm


Paper collage
23 x 23 cm


Paper Collage
27.3 x 21 cm


Paper Collage
27 x 21cm


Paper collage
15 x 29.5 cm


Paper collage
30 x 23 cm

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