Beyoncé – Formation World Tour

Earlier this year I was asked to create animated content for Beyoncé’s Formation World Tour working with the track Countdown (one of my favourites of her songs). I was given a lot of freedom to come up with an animation that was to cover the 20 x 20 metre monolithic video screen, working with footage from all her previous music videos and her Lemonade visual album.

Photo from, posted on April 30, 2016. The Formation World Tour, Tampa.

For the first month or so of the tour the animation filled the entire screen, then I was asked to do revisions turning the animation into a moving border, framing the live camera footage of her filmed on stage and screened back onto the monolith. I saw the concert in Frankfurt am Main, and it was incredible (and completely surreal).

Here are some photos of my work from the very first concert of the tour taken by Bryan Kwak, Apr 27, 2016, Marlins Park, Miami, Florida.


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