Assorted Album Art

Some music releases I’ve made artwork for, all these releases also come out on vinyl.


First, back in November 2013 the excellent Series Alphonos label came out with Cremator’s Clear Air Turbulence. The art work I made for this release is a straight up paper collage. Cremator is London one-man synth geek Matt Thompson, (Zoltan, Guapo), and this record takes you on a sci-fi tune-fest ala John Carpenter meets Kraftwerk. Series Alphonos is an off-shoot of the Bronze Rat record label, which focuses on “left-of-centre musical meanderings, soundtracks, and strange treasures from hidden corners”. Another recent Series Alphonos release is the Krzysztof Komeda soundtrack to Roman Polanski’s – Dance of the Vampires (aka The Fearless Vampire Killers), available now for the first time ever on vinyl, excellent label!

Teeth & Tongue Grids

Teeth and Tongue‘s latest album “Grids” was released last week. I have worked with Teeth & Tongue (aka Jess Cornelius) on some early music videos, but I think the album cover for Grids is my favourite collaboration with her so far. The cover image is an original paper collage, which will be included in a solo exhibition I have coming up at Das Gift in Berlin in late April. ‘Grids’ is Teeth & Tongues follow up to 2011′s Tambourine, it is such an excellent record and is out on Remote Control Records.


And finally, here is the super awesome 7″ picture disc I got to make for Gemma Ray! Death Disc is a Record Store Day 2014 exclusive, and features two teenage tragedies in song form, and the track Motorbike also includes a special appearance from Alan Vega from Suicide.  Above is the A-side art I made and below is the B-side. It was a bit of a dream job!


…..and here is a picture (courtesy of  Gemma Ray’s facebook page!) of the disc box-fresh and ready for Record Store Day!

box fresh